The NIALS Library is purely a research Library. As such it does not lend its resources to its clientele. Users are to consult our materials within the library and make photocopies of materials of their choice. Nonetheless, the Library occasionally allows the Institute Research Fellows the permission to borrow its materials, depending on the need for such materials. The loan period is usually not specified as the borrower is expected to return the materials as soon as he/she is done with them.


The NIALS Library offers training in the use of library resources to enable clients to find information easily and speedily. This training is offered free to NIALS Library users.The Library offers training in the following:
  • Basic Library Orientation and Tour
  • Finding Library materials and using Library services/facilities
  • Basic search option of the Library OPAC
  • How to use the Library electronic resources

Request a Literature Search

A literature search is a reading list on a search topic. The Library compiles readings list using its resources and other resources on the Internet relevant to the topic. This service is delivered by the Information Search Team to all NIALS Library users. To request for literature search:
  • Login to NIALS Website
  • Click on Library
  • Select Literature Search Form

Technology Support

The Library assists registered users to access electronic resources via Wifi and OPAC. NIALS Library registered users can access the Library wireless network. Electronic devices including laptops, ipads, etc. can also be connected to the NIALS wireless network.

Special Collections

The Library keeps special collection on Constitutional Evolution of Nigeria (upload archival materials sent to you under Constitutional Evolution of Nigeria. More materials to be added later) and Customary Law Materials (list of materials to be uploaded later). These materials are kept under close access and are available to readers on request. Access to the special collection is free of charge to all researchers in the Library (link this to Contact Us).

Reference services

Answers are provided for enquiries by consulting appropriate reference sources of information. Readers are free to consult any reference materials for information they require.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

this service involves searching for information and making the information available to the readers. It may be in the form of providing list of current publications, abstracts of research and current contents.

Current Awareness Services (CAS)

This entails provision of current information materials on any topic/subject of interest in law to the reader.

Reprographic Services

Photocopying services are available to all users at a reasonable rate. Internet services: internet access is provided in the library. Readers are allowed to bringing in their personal laptop and users ID are provided.

Wireless Access Points (WPS)

The wireless has spots that exist in the library which enables users to use their laptops, android, IPs and other devices to connect to the Internet.

Electronic Databases and Online Journals

the NIALS library provides access to electronic databases such as LexisNexis, JSTOR, Law pavilion, Online Theses Databases that permit access to legal materials thus enhance learning, research and law practice.

Library Opening Hours

Days Time
Mon. to Fri. 8am - 9pm
Weekends 9am - 3pm
Public Holidays Closed

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide equal access to timely and relevant legal information to judges, lawyers and legal practitioners so that they can be armed with knowledge in their pursuit of legal scholarship and dispensation of justice.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to strive and build a strong legal database and create viable services that will increase the knowledge of our patrons which will enhance their productivity in legal research and reforms. These will foster the overall mission of the Institute as the nucleus and hub of legal research and advanced studies in law in Nigeria.